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Hey World Traveler!

Come along for a no-hassle adventure that makes you feel exceptional, while doing the extraordinary!


Enriching Lives One Vacation At A Time

Our Euphoria Travel family is excited to welcome open-hearted adventurers who would love to loosen up with luxury experiences overflowing with purpose; who want to go beyond cookie cutter experiences to create positive impact in ways that are important to them while connecting with kindred souls.



Euphoria offers you meaningful, un-Googleable experiences beyond the usual travel. These experiences foster remarkable camaraderie, allow you to indulge in life’s finest pleasures, and to leave knowing that your contributions made the world a better place. 

The Euphoria Travel team understands that your time is precious. We take care of the details from start to finish, so you don’t have to. And with our extensive background in travel logistics and philanthropy, your vacation dreams become a reality. 

Are you ready to feel exceptional while doing the extraordinary?


At some point in your life, this might have been you:

And then you realized a few things. (1) You have minimal vacation time. (2) Your backpacking days are over!  (3) You're tired of the same old resort trip. 

For the more ambitious types, you probably even started the research for creating this type of trip and got sucked into the time vortex known as Google.

"I would like to do more on my next trip. i want to do something that matters.i want to give back."

There's a better way...

COVID-19 is our new reality. It affects you. It affects all of us. Our travelers' safety is our primary concern. Prior to the start of COVID-19, we have been known for our meticulous attention to safety pre, during and post travel. This has not changed, although circumstances have. 

Our promise to you is that our Euphoria team is working closely with our partners to strengthen our safety protocols which are in line with WHO (World Health Organization), IATA (International Aviation Transport Association) and various destination regulations. These protocols include 360 personal protection at all times and in all places. applying disinfection and social distancing measures.

As we take our responsibility serious, we ask that you do the same.  Follow the rules and regulations that are advised in each destination we visit to ensure that you and other travelers have a safe and enjoyable journey. 


What type of Give Back journey is a tailored fit for your personality?

Take this free quiz to find out your perfect destination and give back pairing.



Soak up the sun on some of the most breathtaking beaches the world has to offer…Additionally, combat hunger in local communities through a contribution of your choosing.

Walk in footsteps of the apostles in ancient Israel… then possibly couple it with uncovering ancient artifacts on an archeological dig.

Spy exotic animals racing through the grasses on a Serengeti safari … plus have the option to deliver life-saving health supplies to a village clinic.

Euphoria Travel leads you on a journey that immerses you deep into the vast history and culture of each destination. Inclusive is always a give-back experience that adds a whole new dimension to your trip. 


What clients are saying...

-  Rachel Clarke

"I had a life altering experience traveling to Jordan and Jerusalem with Euphoria Travel. The Boatengs are professional, informative and caring. They really went above and beyond for the group. Thank you for the lovely memories. Totally recommend for your travel needs."

-  Bonnie Thomas

"Awesome!! Euphoria really did a great job. The trip to Greece and Italy met my expectations and more.. Especially walking the footsteps of Apostle Paul and sitting by the river -- it was great. Well done."

- Sandra Wills

"My experience with Euphoria Travel is an experience of a lifetime. Having to travel with Mr and Mrs E Boateng is not only to travel but they made sure all my needs were met. They went over and beyond to provide comfort. My travels to and from different countries was expedited due their on boarding and off boarding expertise. Thanks to these two wonderful servants of God."

- Inga Moe

"Your thorough researching techniques in regards to places and historical / biblical times puts you on top of the charts...your genuine concern and compassionate nature towards your travelers also puts you #1....none to compare..." Congratulations" . May God continue to guide you in all future traveling endeavors...Much love.."

- Winnifred Jones

"Euphoria Travel provides a personal touch for their clients. It is evident that a lot of thought and research goes into the planning of each trip."

- Lorraine Hall

"It was a great experience, I enjoyed the educational components and the give back to the lest fortunate. Will travel with Euphoria again. Thanks for the work that was done to make everything go as smoothly as it went. Thanks to Jennifer for her patience. Great job 👍"

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