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What is Euphoria Travel Alliance?

We could tell you about the “Euphoria difference” or our “travel philosophy.”

Instead, we’d like to tell you a story. 

One of the first give-back trips Euphoria put together was a business skills workshop in West Africa. A young woman from the local village attended, soaking up the knowledge—she dreamt of becoming a nurse one day, and she hoped to apply what she learned on her journey. 

This young woman also spent time getting to know the Euphoria travelers on this trip—and she bonded with one of our group members in particular. 

They stayed in touch long after the trip ended, and our traveler eventually put the villager through nursing school!  

But that’s not where the story ends. 

After her studies ended, the nurse returned to the village. Now, she volunteers her time at the village clinic each month, giving back to the community where it all started.

Euphoria Travel is about more than carving out time from an epic vacation to provide resources and funds to those in need.

It’s about creating connections

Because the relationships you form while you travel with us kick off a cycle of hope and generosity—one that lasts long after you leave. 

From archeological digs in Israel to assisting Iranian refugees in Greece, we design travel experiences that create lasting impacts—on our travelers, on the communities they help, and on the world. 

We’d be honored to have you join us on that journey.

Hi, I'm Jennifer

CO-founder of EUPHORIA Travel

I'm a veteran of the NGO world, and I've spent a decade working with organizations dedicated to humanitarian efforts and women’s rights before turning to travel. I considers myself a community builder, connecting leaders all around the world who are united by their shared values. Today, I'm especially passionate about working with non-profits to host travel fundraisers, since I've seen first-hand the importance of pursuing multiple funding streams to support their causes. 

Hello, I'm Emmanuel

CO-founder of EUPHORIA Travel

Hailing from West Africa, I'm  an 10-year veteran of the U.S. Navy with a passion for humanitarian work. I spent 14 years as a travel manager for African tour companies before co-founding Euphoria Travel. Besides travel, my other love is theater; I served as a theater director in my native Ghana, where I delighted audience members by creating an ebb and flow of emotion in my plays. I bring that same love of storytelling to Euphoria today, crafting itineraries that tell the story of some of the world’s most breathtaking destinations. 


We know that rarely does a person ever have just ONE reason for doing something but something we have heard from our Euphoria family is this: One of the most powerful and satisfying aspects in journeying with one of our groups are all the opportunities to genuinely connect in meaningful moments with fellow travelers. The bonds continue well after the trip has ended. We're talking decades old friendships, new ventures, businesses being opened, getting invited to people's weddings, epic annual meet up trips...all of it!

If that wasn't enough, we do all this other stuff as well:
1. You don't have to worry about the research, planning, logistics and booking because we handle it all; 
2. You can be assured that your featured volunteer project will definitely make a positive impact on real community needs because we use our extensive network to go beyond photo ops;
3. You can enjoy hand-picked premium hotel stays and bond-building activities designed to get the group exploring your destination, with ease because we have a thing for comfort and friendship; and
4. You can journey to unfamiliar places with the utmost confidence that you will be made aware of even the most subtle of cultural nuances because we are experts in cross cultural communication.

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Jennifer’s favorite trips: Chiang Mai, Thailand & Delphi, Greece. Emmanuel’s favorite trips: Wli Waterfalls in the Volta region of Ghana & Rome, Italy

On Jennifer’s bucket list: Bali, Singapore, & Cuba. On Emmanuel’s bucket list: Brazil & the Seychelles

We know what it is to work hard...so we play hard too!

Oh! And we met in an airport!
If you travel with us, you just might hear THAT story! LOL


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